TOEFL refers to Test of English as Foreign Language.For students seeking to study abroad, migrate to other countries or for the purpose of work, TOEFL is a mandatory test. Of course one can choose between IELTS and TOEFL as per the need of the university, program they are applying for. TOEFL is a globally recognized certification wherein your proficiency in the language is tested on a number of categories. A good score serves as a golden ticket for your entry to a recognized university in US and Canada. This test checks your understanding of North American English, as it is mostly used in university settings. The TOEFL test is governed by the Educational testing service (ETS). They create questions for the test, conduct the test and are also responsible for sharing the score reports with the examinee.


Exam Format

Section Duration(min) Questions Task Score scale
Reading 60 - 80 36–56 Read 3-4 passages and answer the questions 0-30 points
Listening 60 - 90 34–51 Listen to lectures, conversations and answer the questions 0-30 points
Speaking 20 6 tasks Express an opinion on a familiar topic; speak based on reading and listening tasks 0-30 points
Writing 50 2 tasks Write essay responses based on reading and listening tasks; support an opinion in writing 0-30 points

TOEFL Test Format

TOEFL test format is designed by experts and tests your ability and proficiency in English. All the four sections of the test are completed on the very same day. Listening test is of 60-90 minutes. Here you are made to listen 4 recordings of native English speakers, post which you would need to answer a series of questions. You would be assessed on your ability to understand main ideas, facts, attitude of the speaker and opinions and your skills to follow the development of ideas. The recordings normally involve- Monologues, lectures from a university, classroom discussions, and conversations about local facilities, and then answering questions. There are approx. 34-51 questions that you would need to answer post that, and each question is worth one mark each. Reading portion is of 60-80 minutes and consist of a wider range of questions. There are 3-4 passages that are normally extracts from books, newspapers, magazines, etc., followed by a series of questions each carrying one mark. Here you are judged on your ability to understand the gist, facts and message in the paragraph. Right from match making, to diagram labeling representation, you are expected to complete a series of tasks within the time frame. The writing portion is of 50 minutes. Here you might need to express your opinion about an argument or problem, in the form of an essay. The test takers need to ensure that they write unplagiarised data and connected text, else, they get penalized for irrelevance and off topic response. The speaking test lasts for 11-14 minutes. Here you are assigned 3 tasks. The first part is where the examiner asks general questions about you, your family, personal information etc. In the second task, you are given a card with a topic you need to speak on. You have one minutes to prepare on the topic and you are expected to speak for two minutes, followed by which, the examiner might ask a question or two related to the topic. While in the third task, the examiner might ask more questions about the topic you spoke giving you a chance to discuss more on abstract ideas. Here your scoring is done on the basis of your grammar, fluency, lexical resource and pronunciation.

Registering for TOEFL exams

As TOEFL exams happen throughout the year, it is easy for any candidate to enroll at their own pace. Listed below are the steps that should help you register for TOEFL exams –
  1. You would need to go to the official website of ETS and create your profile.
  2. You would need to fill all the information like your name, address, and email id etc.
  3. Kindly ensure that the information you provide is the same as it is on your passport.
  4. Proceed to pay the application fee.
We believe that the aforementioned information will help you understand the complexities as well as the importance of TOEFL exams. To learn how to prepare and plan your time for acing the upcoming TOEFL exams, drop us a line and our team of expert individuals will be happy to provide you the required guidance.